Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mother and Son Activity

1-          We held our very first Mother and Son Activity in May.   We wanted the boys and moms to have a chance to work together as partners and have a FUN time together creating memories. 
         CAKE COMPETITION:  The boys each made a cake with their moms.  They were challenged to make a cake that represented a shared interest or something that represented their relationship with each other.  Each mom and each son were allowed to vote for their SECOND favorite cake.  We told them that we knew that their own was their favorite and that we would go ahead and count a vote for their own cake they brought.  We asked them to select the cake they liked best that they did not make!  :) 

                      Minute to Win It Game: 

        Each mother and son pair competed in 13 different one minute competitions in round robin fashion.  At the end of the evening, we announced the winner in each category.   

              ELBOW FISHING:  Hold the fishing rod in the crook of your elbow.  You may not use your hands to catch or release fish! How many magnetic fish can you catch together in one minute ?

1-      BOWL FULL OF BALLS- Mother stands on line holding the bowl on her head.  Son tosses as many balls in bowl as he can while standing on other line. 
               M&M CHALLENGE-Use the straws (no hands allowed on the M&Ms, but you can hold the straw with your hands) and suck up M&Ms with the straw and move to the second bowl . 

P     PASTA PICKUP-Pick up as many pieces of pasta as you can using your mouth and spaghetti noodle.  (no hands allowed)

1-      BARREL OF MONKEYS- How long of a monkey chain can you make in one minute using ONLY monkeys to pick up other monkeys?
1-      LEAPIN LIZARDS-Flip lizards using your thumbs into the bucket

1-      PAPER CHAINS –Make the longest paper chain you can using staplers and links.

1-      PUZZLE PIECES -How many pieces of the puzzle can you put together in one minute?

1-      CHOCOLATE UNICORN -- Stack as many Oreos on your partner’s forehead as possible.
2-      ACHOO! ---Empty a tissue box out one tissue at a time.  Each partner uses one hand.
3-      STARBURST –Work together to open as many Starburst as possible in one minute using only one hand each, both of you wearing a glove on that one hand.

4-      TOWER of TERROR-Working together make the highest tower of blocks you can make without it falling over.

1-      WORD MANIA -Roll the letter dice (from the game Scategories) and come up with as many words as you can think of together hat start with that letter.   (Write on the back of this paper) 

1-      CLOTHESPIN DROP – Drop the clothespins from forehead with you standing above the jar.

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